Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will my home take to build?

Your home will take approximately 5 months to build from excavation.

Will I be overwhelmed with a lot of extra costs at the end?

We strive to make sure we have your wish list covered at contract stage so that there are no surprises in terms of extra costs

How do I measure different quotes from other builders?

Be certain you are comparing ‘apples to apples’! For example, is one builder including casement vs slider windows? Cabinets with soft closures? Foundation heights? Level of siding or exterior finish? …and the list goes on!

Why is it better to use a qualified home builder rather than contracting myself?

As a qualified, award winning builder we know what to look for! We receive builder grade pricing from all trades and suppliers. We make every effort to help in sound decisions and manage your money, NOT spend it!

Why should I choose Larkaun Homes?

Because we care about your dream home! We care about the memories you and your family will make in your new home! We take pride in you choosing us and in your home that is branded by our seal for life!

What is the warranty on my new home?

Our builder warranty is 1 year from possession. Our National Home Warranty maintains structurally for 5 years from possession.

Can I modify current Larkaun plans?


How often will my Larkaun rep be at my home throughout the building process?

EVERY day!

Does the weather / season affect my build / cost?

We build all year round! Contrary to popular belief all seasons have related costs. For example, although there is propane for thawing and calcium added to the concrete in the Winter; the Spring and Summer can deal with rain, wind and heat fluctuations that can cause us time and grief.

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